Custom Leather Labels For Clothing

Custom leather labels & tags in particular lend a very professional look to your clothing products. With the support of our professional team, we let you customize your leather patches in any way you choose! We provide services from design to the final stage in your custom leather clothing labels orders.

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Custom Leather Labels manufacturer and suppliers, production in our own company.

If you specify how your order will be sewn, we take care of them during production. As a result, you have no problems in production.

We are assertive with our prices, quality, and service. The materials we use are prepared to pass the required tests. Please , contact our customer service : +905386366038 - Mr. Burak or email :

The suitability of the designs you have uploaded for printing , custom leather labels are checked by the related teams free of charge and prepared for printing.

* Payment is made after the design is confirmed. Everything you do through our website is confidential.

Place your custom leather patches / label order and wait for confirmation. Our customer service will contact you .

Shipping is possible to all countries. Information about shipping costs will be given after the order is accepted. Fees vary according to some countries.

* Our goal is to produce the cheapest and best quality products on the world . We are a big leather labels manufacturer on world.

If you have anything to do with that products , please contact us. Custom Genuine leathers , custom artificial leathers , custom incandescent leathers , jacron, canapa, nubuck, velvet.

If you have any questions about product types, please ask us. The more information you give us. The result of the production will be better quality and as you wish.

For samples, you need to contact us directly. For high volume orders, please contact customer service.

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Custom Clothing Leather Labels & Tags

custom clothing leather labels & tags ; cloth & jeans & shoes & bags leather labels & tags, leather embossed logo patches

We supply & manufacture custom clothing leather labels that material is genuine & artificial leather, PU leather, leather embossed logo patches, cloth & jeans & shoes & bags leather labels.

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Denim & Jeans Leather Label

Denim belt label; one of the leather labels used on jeans. We professionally manufacture unique or custom handmade jeans leather labels and export them worldwide.

custom leather labels

custom leather clothing labels

Custom leather clothing labels

Buy Custom leather labels, clothing labels, custom leather labels. Examples of real and artificial leather labels we produce.

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clothing labels leather custom

Custom Leather Label , Patches , Printing techniques , Material types , Leather Labels Manufacturer for clothes

Leather label ; They are printed on leather by various methods. Belt label is generally used on denim , linen and similar fabrics , on the belts of trousers, for advertising purposes, sometimes for length, body and model information. Ornamental labels are used for advertising and aesthetic purposes in various parts of the products. Material types are genuine leathers, artificial leathers, incandescent leather, jacron, canapa, nubuck, velvet. Printing techniques used are silk screen printing, frequency, seersucker and fuel. By using multiple printing techniques to increase the visibility of the brand, it is tried to obtain the most appropriate visuality.

It is one of the most important accessories that show your brand in Textile / Clothing sector. These labels can be designed on demand, your brand will gain a luxurious appearance and will become attractive.

An example for custom artificial leathers ; In the decoration of gifts or packages, imitation leather labels can be used perfectly. Example; small rectangular leather embossed logo patches for the front of aprons.

Unlike many other accessories, it adds awareness and persistence to the brand with the product as long as the product continues to exist.

Let's Check the Your label Design

The suitability of the personalized labels desings you have uploaded for printing is checked by the related teams free of charge and prepared for printing.

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custom leather label & patches manufacturer

The Best Quality Leather Labels in World Label Shop . You can contact us for all your custom leather patches needs. Our customer representatives are waiting for help on clothing label.

Leather label to sew on making requires facility and experience. We brought it all together. We will do everything we can to provide you with the best service in the field .

We are label manufacturers and suppliers of printed labels, damask or satin woven label, care labels, hang tags, name labels, sewing labels, brand labels, stick on labels, school labels, iron on labels, taffeta, adhesive labels. You can get support from us in these products about custom printed garment labels. You can get a quote for clothing tags at any time.

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