Custom Clothing Labels & Tags, World Label Shop, Wholesale is the best wholesale apparel labels supplier for women, men and kids. Offer custom labels for clothing. Build your own brand. Opportunity to meet one-on-one customer service. FAQ; What role do custom clothing labels & tags play in my company's advertisement? Where can I buy the cheapest custom clothing labels & tags? Is there a clothing label maker serving online? how to make custom clothing labels? How to make your own labels & tags as professional look? Who are the manufacturers producing clothing label around the world wide? How do you make a Tshirt label? How do you make a name tag? We are worldwide one of the largest wholesale clothing label & tags manufacturers. You are at the right place to buy wholesale labels & The World Label Shop is right here as the answer to all these questions.

Custom clothing labels in particular lend a very professional look to your products. At World Label Shop, we produce clothing labels & tags for many importers, a store selling fashionable clothes, resellers and ready made garments who purchase label & tags products from us. We are one of the manufacturers offering the best quality clothing label and the most comprehensive customer service. When it comes to kids clothing especially, these tags are designed with a powerful adhesive that can stand up to numerous washes and wears.

Custom Garment Labels are using in every business line today. Production, manufacturing, sales, marketing department can be. Reinforce ideas, it is used as materials containing important warnings and information about the products. In addition, if you think how to make your own labels as professional look.World Label Shop professional production process ensures that the custom labels we produce will last for the life of your clothing or products. Browse and order custom garment tags samples for the best in unique or exclusive accessories from our label shop.

Above all, Contact directly via whatsapp for pricing of wholesale custom made clothing labels, OPEN 24/7 hours. Please contact our customer service to find the best solution for wholesale garment labels. Let's send your ready made garment labels right away.

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Above all, We make all of the labels listed below in our own factory. You can contact us by clicking the green button on the screen for all matters you want to learn. Our custom clothing label specialists who turn your vision into reality and add quality; We offer you the 100% lowest prices guaranteed on custom labels.

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Capture the digital era in the label industry. Wholesale Custom Clothing Label manufacturers online.
Design and make your own label

Design and make your own label

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Upload your label design , enter number of items then enter width and height. Then we calculate your label price. No minimum order quantity. Calculate brand tags for clothing online.

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To make your work easier, we have added the some custom labels type, price and size. With these products, you just need to upload your design.

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Wholesale Bespoke Woven Labels For Clothes

You can buy Wholesale Bespoke Woven Labels for Garments from the world label shop.

Leading manufacturer of personalized clothing labels specializing in custom garment labels for printed fabric labels, brand name woven labels, leather labels and hang tags.

We have listed some woven labels for you below. If there is a label that you think is suitable for you, you can choose from the list and bespoke from our shop.

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What is the label in garment or other sector, Personalized ( Custom ) Clothing Labels Manufacturer

The label is of great importance in order to express the brand in the best way. So much so that it has an inexcusable effect. Label needs to represent the brand in the best way. Because it is the label that advertises the product. Often the label increases the feeling of dressing in the product. Our products are Woven labels, Care Labels, Leather Labels, Hang Tags, Price Tags. There are many manufacturers of customized clothing label in the industry. We are the best custom clothing labels manufacturer online. Design your own label

The brands that want to highlight and attract attention among other brands that they compete in place give great importance to the quality of their labels.

In short, the label is a whole. A company in the apparel industry that uses high-quality fabrics should pay attention to the quality of its zipper, button and label. A poor quality label can adversely affect the brand's advertising.

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Standard 100 by OEko-Tex Documents, Labels For Clothes

This standard includes analysis of harmful substances suspected of human ecology and provides limit values. If a textile product meets the requirements of the standard, the applicant is granted the right to use the label with the letter Confindence in textiles passed for harmful substances according to standart 100 by OEko-tex . The OEKO-TEX clothing labels are an ecological quality brand that expresses international reliability. It is difficult to find this standard in label manufacturers. Ecotex documents are provided by the Hohenstein Institute.The number of test parameters of the OEKO-TEX benchmark catalog is quite high. The basic content of STANDARD 100 is scientifically based requirements, their limit values and test methods. Test criteria and limit values are, in most cases, significantly beyond national and international standards. The prevention of the inclusion of a large number of other harmful substances shows how the STANDARD 100 has been successful for many years.

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Custom Garment Labels for clothing

Leading manufacturer & supplier of custom garment labels specialised in printed fabric labels, brand name woven labels and other labels for clothing in the world.

Custom Garment Labels for clothing; It provides information such as size, price, washing, drying and ironing care symbols. Although some countries have their own information labels, they are generally of international standard. Printed labels are sent to garment companies and sewn on garments.

The fact that all the machine equipment required for the production of fabric labels is in the company you ordered plays an important role in the timely and high quality of your product.

There are companies that produce custom labels or clothing tags, and designers that are employed by them.

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